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Dear Trader

With the right approach, it's possible to make serious money from trading. It must be simple with clear rules to follow.

The Universal Trader gives you the tools and knowledge to trade on any time frame and in any market.

If your aim is to become a full time trader or you prefer to just dip in and out of the markets from time to time, you need a system and set of tools that will work on any market and any time frame.

The Universal Trader is discretionary. What that means is that we give you the knowledge so you can trade trends and reversals independently. You decide when to trade!

What this is not - It is not one of those heavily hyped, set and forget, Expert Advisor gizmos or traffic light methods that trade for you. You've seen the adverts, they will make you money while you sleep, etc, etc.!

They seldom work for long. They might have a modest run of luck, market conditions change slightly and wham, it blows your account. I hear this story over and over.

The Universal Trader is based on six trading courses featuring professional principles that are based on years of experience. The best features of each are combined that work together to make money on any time frame that is right for you to trade.

You can get started now with the entire programme which includes the six courses plus three hours of one to one personal training and twice weekly Traders Class video tutorials for three months.

Alternatively, you may prefer to dip a toe in the water and start with TMEST the first core module of the programme. See below.

The full trading course is modular. Each module is stand alone and can be started individually or, the entire four modules, can be studied and then traded together.

Part One, the core module:

The Twenty Minute Extreme Swing Trader was originally designed for longer term Swing trading from daily and weekly charts.

It also works just as well for short term intra-day moves!

Trends, reversal, Price Action and Volume Activity are combined with it's unique MT4 indicators.


Part Two:

Trade in Harmony with the markets.

The Harmonic Wave Trader links the advanced techniques of Fibonacci with the practical use of Elliott Waves.

The Auto Fib Finder for MT4 shows the powerful turning points of the Gartley, Bat and other patterns on your charts.


Part Three:

Less Trading Can = More


Of the four courses, the original Breakfast Trader is based on short term price action trading at the start of the UK trading day, typically from 6.45am for an hour or two.



Part Four 4:

Trading at the extremes helps identify price action that is about to make explosive moves.

The Extreme Volume Trader is an intra-day Price Action and Price Activity Volume course that is great for finding reversals and the best trend entries.

Price alone is not enough, we combine it with Activity Volume candles for MT4 and the charts come alive showing where the smart money is pushing price action.


Part Five:

The Dynamic Wave Trader

This course explains how and why all trends run in waves. There are a series of up waves then corrective waves run opposite the trend.

The secret is in knowing when is the time to enter and take part profits and then get back in again to run the trend to its conclusion.


Part Six:


Candle Volume

 Activity - Triggers

CVA-T Includes

  • Over three hours of online video tutorials

  • How to link and understand candle patterns with volume activity

  • Identify entries and exits as trends zig and zag

  • How to find reversals, before they become a new trend

  • Trading the False Break that often becomes an FBVR

  • The box technique that finds trigger entry and exit levels

 Who is CVA-T for?

You are not a total beginner but have a basic understanding of Candles and the main chart patterns such as double tops and bottoms, Head & Shoulders and Triangles.


Bonus course Part Seven

Great and Minor


Setups, Entries and exits

Great Reversals are just that. They often run on and on for thousands of pips. Over the years, I've sent out a regular newsletter and, from time to time, it featured some truly great reversals. However, although these major reversals can bring in the big bucks, they don't happen often enough!

It's the minor reversals from patterns, failed patterns, trends, corrections and range reverses that bring home the regular, day to day profits. As traders, that's what we do, spotting low risk entries that run all day or maybe a week or so. Take our profits and move on to the next setup.

It's the 'how to trade' features of Great and Minor reversals that are featured within this new trading system, but it's the failed reversals that so often become the super profitable ones that can give us very satisfying profits.


The Universal Trader takes you through the techniques from all seven courses. The result is a multi layered view that progressively introduces more advanced techniques to determine where and when to place trades and, most importantly where to take profits.

Swing traders can improve their returns by entering and exiting trades sooner and day traders have the advantage of turning intra-day moves into long term trades!

By now you will have realised there are many simplistic 'systems' that are heavily promoted. You know the ones, some flashy graphics only to find it's a black box system which you never actually understand and then it stops working for you!

The Universal Trader is fully disclosed and with the ongoing support we actually fully explain the underlying reasons why and how it all works.

It's an ongoing course with Twice Weekly tutorial videos showing what is working and what is not in technical analysis and the relevant economic background.

Which markets do we trade?

The main currency pairs, stock market indices, Gold, Silver and Crude Oil as these are the most heavily traded markets. If you prefer to trade other markets, the underlying principles work just the same, so it is a truly Universal trading method.


The Universal Trader software includes the unique software:

* TMEST, Swing Trend and Volume Activity Index

* Harmonic, Auto Fib Finder and Colour Trend.

* Extreme Volume Colour Candles.

All with a full lifetime license for personal use.

Personal support

You automatically become a Traders Class for at least six months, and as long as you need. Twice a week I record a new coaching video based on what is happening in real time, you get to see what is in play and why.

You also have full access to the online archives of the twice weekly coaching and trading support videos.

It's not just one way!

Plus, we will get together on a personal 1-2-1  webinar as required to ensure the software is fully set up and to answer any of your questions about trading the Universal Trader way.


If you already have one or more of the original courses and would like to add another to make up the full Universal Trader series, email support for special pricing.

The combined price of the four original courses is 1674 + 279 coaching. However, the combined series of the full six courses, making up the Universal Trader, part on-line and part on DVD, is heavily discounted to just 679.

Available now and totally risk free.

And includes 30, 180 days access to George's twice weekly Traders Class video updates that shows the markets he is trading and why......

Fully inclusive of software and full support.

Pay by Direct Bank Transfer - Request Clickevents bank details - support

Or Pay by Card or PayPal




  Alternatively, just get started with TMEST now (click here) and upgrade to the full Universal Trader KISS System later




Full No-Quibble Money Back Guarantee

In addition, I would like to totally eliminate any risk that you feel you may be taking. Place your order online and if, you do not agree that the techniques you are exposed to will not give you a set of tools and strategies that will help you in your trading, then you can request a full thirty day from delivery, no quibble refund. Subject only to illegal copying checks as noted on the discs and return in as new undamaged or marked condition.

If you already have one or more of the original courses and would like to add another to make up the full Universal Trader series, call or email for special pricing.

George Hallmey MBA Cert Dip AF


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