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Trading the major currencies, indices Gold Silver & Oil are amongst the most liquid and accessible markets to trade. The market is open through 24 hours six days a week and no matter if you trade in 000's or a modest 1 per pip, the market is accessible to you.

Learn this trading system and make your pips for the day before the conventional work day starts....

Plus, It's not just the morning session. This 24 hour market presents almost endless opportunities....

Designed to fill in the gaps left by other non professional courses, you will be fully prepared to put the days principles and trading set ups into practice immediately.

George Hallmey, MD of Clickevents, trades most days using several techniques that work time and again as published in Your Trading Edge magazine and presentations with  


Intra day trading can be done using technical analysis alone, but when the technical picture is linked to economic fundamentals and the natural order of markets the odds of finding winning moves dramatically in your favour.

Throughout the trading month central banks such as the US Federal Reserve, The Bank of England and the European Central Bank, etc., release employment, GDP, CPI data and so on. On the course you will learn which ones are significant and likely to move markers and which ones are of little importance. Getting this right and understanding when not to trade is of vital importance to the successful trader.

Standard technical analysis does have its place, but market professionals know, for instance, just where the majority of traders place their stop losses and so it's not surprising how many times you see the market spike back, take out a stop and the resume the original trend!

Trend Trading

Trends just run and run in these markets that are always in the news! From intra-day moves to the long swings this us where the pips are made. You will learn exactly how to identify when the trend is in play and where to get in and then out for maximum gains.

Multi Point Reversals (MPR), Fade trades and False Break Reversals (FBR) are non standard techniques that can give you an edge over the majority of TA traders. You will learn how to use them and just where to place your entries and exits.


 The Day Includes:


        The two important Day Trade setups and how to trade them  - in detail.

        Multiple time frame trending trades.

        How the Multi Point reversal works that gets you positioned before the break out

        Managing the Fade Trade and False Break Reversals.

        Using indicators, when to use them and when not.

        Wave trading - the only three rules you will ever need.

        Using our latest indicators on MT4, the Volume Activity Index and Swing Trend....

        Your trading plan and three simple trading rules.

          And learn how to get the best from our preferred platform when we set up your indicators on the day.....


Fully interactive day with Live Market Action at a very affordable 579 or 479 for Traders Class members.

Also, take away your MT4 indicators

Plus your choice of one course on disc: The Full Breakfast Trader, The Harmonic Wave Trader or the Extreme Swing Trader home study Courses, fully inclusive.

Day and Swing Trading the Financial Markets

Arrange the day as a 1-2-1 personal coaching day in Reading or London online and learn what is relevant for you.

Click the link below and then email support to discuss details, dates and venue.


Contact us to arrange a training day or a live remote access training workshop over four 1.5 hour sessions

Plus, following the workshop you will have full access to with regular Forex updates and and support

Call 0800 298 4691 or email to discuss and reserve your place


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Full No-Quibble Money Back Guarantee

In addition, I would like to totally eliminate any risk that you feel you may be taking. Place your order online or by calling UK FREEPHONE 0800 298 4691 and if, for whatever reason, by the first morning break, you do not agree that the techniques you are going to learn on the course will give you a set of tools and strategies that will help you in your trading, then you can request a full, no quibble, refund.


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