The Dynamic

Wave Trader


Markets move in waves. It's self evident, as any price chart shows.

Elliott Waves have a distinctive wave sequence that can give essential information into when and where to enter and exit trades.

By understanding what is going on and how these waves so frequently develop, traders can become positioned to maximise profits.

Elliott Wave theory has been around for a good many years. Back in the 1930's, Ralph Nelson Elliott observed market waves and realised that, most of the time, these waves repeated, time and again.

Theory is all well and good. The Dynamic Wave Trader shows how to use Elliott Waves in real time trading.

Elliott's observations have been distilled into a set of rules that most wave moves follow. But there are variations which is where the Dynamic Wave Trader applies the rules with important adjustments.

Please note that this not an automated system, you will have to draw some lines on your charts!

It is a respected method of understanding how market moves unfold by linking the theory of Elliott Waves to actual price charts as the waves develop.

Trading is very much a journey of learning and it takes time and effort to allow knowledge to develop.

Over time, traders develop vigilance in watching market moves and then taking trades based upon that knowledge.

This course is part of that learning process as are my previous video based courses, the Harmonic Wave Trader, TMEST and the Breakfast Trader.

These courses are progressive learning modules along the trading journey.

Traders never stop learning.

We develop deeper insights into markets moves and so anticipate what is likely to happen next rather that trade in knee jerk reactions. The Dynamic Wave Trader will add an extra insight into your trading


  • Which waves to trade for maximum advantage.

  • The waves to avoid until they have completed.

  • How to identify and trade wave three, the Money Wave.

  • Important trading differences between W2 and W4.

  • How to trade wave fractals within fractals.

  • Making the most of the three impulse waves.

  • How the fifth of the fifth can give you some dramatic trades.

  • Simple and Complex Zig Zags.

  • Why do waves extend and should you trade them?

  • Triangles and Flats, both often lead to exceptional runs.

  • Use with Daily/Weekly Swings or short term intra-day charts.

The Dynamic - Elliott Wave Trader

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Also includes the three* important indicators shown on the chart above! *Swing Trend, Volume Activity Index and Colour Trend.

Many users will have the previous courses of The Twenty Minute Extreme Swing Trader and The Harmonic Wave Trader courses. These are not essential , but if you would like either of these, contact us for special pricing.

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