The  Catapult Combo Trading



Trading systems come and go but the Catapult Combo Trading System is the only one firmly based on statistical probability and ensures you are trading with the direction of real market flow, not with the majority of losing traders.

Designed for the Foreign Exchange market, it is rule based and by firmly following a clear set of trading entry and exit criteria you will be amazed at the results.

  • Works with all Foreign Exchange pairs, Dax, Dow, etc.

  • Straightforward instructions and rules.

  • Trades and unrealised profits are protected.

  • The system can be used every trading day at set times.

  • Adapt it for day or intra-day trading

Simply follow the rules and you can be earning consistent profits  - without the roller coaster ride that most traders experience.

The Catapult Combo Trading System has been refined from, and utilises some of the techniques from the Breakfast, Harmonic and Extreme trader courses. The Catapult Trading System includes new proprietary features that will only be made available to 1-2-1 coaching clients.

To fully understand and learn the The Catapult Combo System, and use it to full advantage, you can spend a personal coaching day with George so he can show you exactly how it works during live market trading. He will show you how it was developed and you will see why it works so well.

The full day of personal coaching on the system includes detailed notes, dozens of examples, charts and full video support following the day.

"Hello George-Just to let you know another Day with no losses...commenced late at around 3pm, and now finished with a modest gain of 29 points"

"I'm in on 5 min green candle @17890 (Dow) now out @17975 and I'm done for the day+85 points. Love the indicators-I owe you a Lunch!!"

"Many thanks for a very Educational Day George, I felt it was well worth the effort coming to see you. It has given me further insight into not only how to Trade in a better way, but also showed how "splitting" a Trade is obviously very beneficial!" John N.

"Thank you for sending me the Value Finder. I put it on my charts last night and think it is fantastic"

"The day I spent with you was invaluable in so many ways. It really sorted my head out. I have been SO MUCH more relaxed about my trading. I did not realise how much I had been pushing myself. It is like I am able to take a step back inside since I saw you. That psychological change in itself is priceless; so once again thank you" K.B.

Last Thursday was the best value training I've ever had, I'm not exagerating. The system has given me one break even and three consecutive profitable days and that was trading just the Euro. Mike J.

George, do not make this system publicly available,  I've looked and looked and spent a small fortune finding something that works , this is it. JameT.

Again, a good run for me on the ozzie today! Rich.T.

Just a big thank you for such an excellent day yesterday. I enjoyed your company and the whole day was a fun experience. PL.

The Catapult Trading System workings are closely guarded, only to be explained privately. 1-2-1 training days can be arranged either west of Reading or just off Trafalgar Square, London.

Call or email George now to discuss dates and learn how to trade using this unique system.

 44(0)118 9834716