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George Hallmey MBA Cert Dip AF


Dear Trader

CVA-T exposes the market's secrets!

Trading can be tough game, the majority lose money - confirmed, as brokers have to state in their advertising material. The problem is, beginners tend to flit from one system/guru/broker to another, never settling down to learn what makes markets move.

There is a 'secret' sauce that hides, or is just not noticed or understood by most traders. It's hiding, in plain sight, just waiting to be correctly applied.



CVA-T is the latest trading course module. The technique has been used in my trading for many years.

The secret sauce is revealed firstly by the volume activity plots available on every charting package, no special software needed.

On it's own the VA plots are meaningless. They come alive when linked to what the individual candles display and how they fit with the trend, and relevant trading range.

CVA-T Includes

  • Over three hours of online video tutorials

  • How to link and understand candle patterns with volume activity

  • Identify entries and exits as trends zig and zag

  • How to find reversals, before they become a new trend

  • Trading the False Break that often becomes an FBVR

  • The box technique that finds trigger entry and exit levels

 Who is CVA-T for?

You are not a total beginner but have a basic understanding of Candles and the main chart patterns such as double tops and bottoms, Head & Shoulders and Triangles.

CVA-T takes that knowledge and builds on it to give you a strategy which includes the Volume Activity 'secret'. This a recent trade on the Australian$ vs Japanese Yen (AUDJPY)

The Key features

  • Gives you a technique that very few traders know

  • CVA-T is ideal for those with limited time

  • Only needs 30 minutes or so early morning and or late evening

  • Relaxed Swing trading from days to weeks and months

  • No need for intra-day screen watching

  • On-line, can be studied anytime

  • Inexpensive - this is a very affordable investment

Another recent trade, this time on the British Pound vs US$ (GBPUSD)

CVA-T is available now at a very affordable price that should be quickly recovered with trades like these.

I really like the Candle Volume Action course and after many years of ignoring volume as being 'too difficult' I can now read charts in a completely new way. JS.

Also includes one month FREE membership of Traders Class that gives you full access to weekly analysis with mentoring video's, software assistance and ongoing support for your trading success.

Available now at 279 and totally risk free.

Fully inclusive of one month's membership of Traders Class videos.


This, and the full suite of Seven courses, is now

 only available to Premium Traders Class

 members. Membership also includes frequent

 market setup videos based on trading

 opportunities as they present themselves.


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Become a better trader

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