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Trading the Nasdaq with Alan Rich

Discover the secrets and methods this man uses to trade the Nasdaq for a living that you can too...



Alan Rich, is a full time NASDAQ trader who has learned the tricks, techniques and methods to make a good living from the markets.


Alan is one of the leading traders & trainers on the Nasdaq, and he demonstrates demonstrates using level 2 with Technical Analysis setups that occur again and again.


Technical Analysis of charts plus level 2 gives you an unstoppable combination of trading tools and you can learn how to use them here.


Using Alan's trading techniques and you can make a good living trading the NASDAQ for just 2-3 hours during the afternoon in the US!


 You can now watch the very latest and also the original presentations with live video on CD


This FOUR CD set includes TA & the Nasdaq and

Nasdaq & Level 2.


Plus the original Trading the Nasdaq and Advanced Trading the Nasdaq!



Trading  the NASDAQ

Alan Rich is a full time Daytrader who makes his living taking frequent profits from the NASDAQ stock market, which can be traded from anywhere in the world, with a suitable Internet connection and trading account.

FAST and FURIOUS is the only way to describe this method of trading. In this seminar, which you can watch in the comfort of your own home or office, Alan starts by explaining his journey to track down the 'best in the business' - a trader who makes millions of dollars each year.   Alan tells us about the lessons and techniques he learned from this trader and how anyone can use the tools of the Daytrader to help place better longer-term trades asa well as trading intra-day.

He covers level II trading data and the relevant screens in detail, pointing out what each section means. He shows visually how you can tell major support and resistance levels in advance, so you know which way a stock is going to move, BEFORE it ever appears on a graph. He reveals how you can buy shares without paying a bid-ask spread, how you can tell whether a 'breakout' is true or faked and how you can determine a market-makers strategy and place your trades accordingly.


"... a down to earth presentation !" - A.R. Middleton

"... the strategies with the book/level II were excellent !"

"... everything was excellent !" - Robert Dawes

"... it was educational, informative, all the information tied together everything I have studied up until now, with valuable new techniques revealed !" - Mr C. Meehan


"...a  very good insight into how the market moves !" - C.A. Lewis

"... I enjoyed the seminar very much !" - Chris Efstration


"... I enjoyed the Fibonacci and QQQ's section the most!" - Paul Manley


"... everything was excellent !" - Robert Dawes

Speaking about the cost, Mr C. Meehan said it was "Excellent value, in comparison to what is available - i.e.., this education is not readily available ......."


      Alan Includes:

  •    Why you should trade the NASDAQ instead of the UK Stock Market.
  •    The Benefits of trading the NASDAQ.
  •    Information Sources.
  •    Technical Analysis.
  •    Fibonacci.
  •    Closing the Gap.
  •    What stocks to trade.
  •    The Story of the Bid Side.
  •    Market Makers Tricks and Fakes.
  •    Times of the day to Trade.
  •    Shadowing the Axe.
  •    What are the QQQ's and how to trade them.
  •    Stops.
  •    The Island Book.
  •    Level II Moves.
  •    Sectors.
  •    A simple method of choosing which stocks to trade.

Advanced NASDAQ Trading Techniques

This seminar on CD builds upon the basics of NASDAQ level II trading which you will learn from the earlier Alan Rich seminar 'Trading the NASDAQ',

This is what the audience at this seminar enjoyed the most ...

"... Alan's superb presentation - He is extremely knowledgeable, concise and clear" - John Stalker

"... General trading techniques, web sites and level II, worth 200 for a ticket !" - A.R. Hudson

"... It was informative, informal and EXCELLENT !" - David Tresser

"... Well delivered" - Paul Davidson


"... Tips, ideas, stories about actual trade setups, stops and exits - clearly Alan is a master of his craft !" - George Sharpe

"... Bringing in real life experiences" - M. Crouch


"... Worth 150 for a ticket" - R. Husband


"... explanation of terms better explained than written in text books" - Julie Bradd

Alan covers the following topics :

  •    How to tell the 'Thickness' of the market
  •    Sweeping the Island Book
  •    Creating or adding to momentum
  •    How to tell where a stock is going
  •    Using hidden Island orders
  •    Where to set your stop-loss
  •    Using smart order routing
  •    Sectors
  •    Pre- and Post- market trading
  •    How to spot rogue or 'sticky' quotes
  •    Island reversals and what they mean
  •    Shadowing the Axe
  •    How to find the primary and secondary axe
  •    When it is safe to hold Stocks Overnight.
  •    Fibonacci Levels
  •    The NASDAQ Heatmap

NASDAQ & Level 2.

Alan explains in detail the in's and out's of level II trading with original coverage taken at

The " NASDAQ TRADER" Seminar

Includes top NASDAQ traders secretive set ups revealed exclusively here!


Alan's audience recently enjoyed one of the most enlightening sessions on how he trades the NASDAQ. This Seminar on CD features Alan explaining the Technical Setups he trades that you can too.

Throughout the seminar, and as most were interested in Level 2 as well as TA, Alan discussed how he fine tunes entry and exit by interpreting the level 2 screen.

The seminar revealed how Alan uses Technical Analysis to find likely target trades. He stalks these likely movers and then places his trades based on the TA set up from his charts once the set ups have been found Alan then interprets price action on level 2.

Reading of level 2  confirms exactly where and when to place the trade. Level 2 can be difficult to interpret but Alan teaches how to see what is actually happening in the market. Level two moves are eventually seen on the chart - but Alan, and his students, have placed their trades before the chart pattern shows up!


During the seminar, whilst explaining Technical Analysis, Alan showed several examples of false breaks - The chart pattern looks good and then the break out takes place but the price rapidly reverses leaving all those who got in based on the chart pattern with an immediate loss.


The level 2 screen lets you into what the market makers are doing.



By observing how the order flow is being taken up and the relationship between the bid and ask volumes false breaks can be seen before the move takes place on the chart!




These are just some of the comments from the audience

  "...I enjoyed all parts....."..."..I will use all aspects of the day...Excellent value for money!" - P. M.

"...I enjoyed the TA interaction" ....Excellent value for money!" - J L.

"...the seminar content was well tailored for the group!" - J.Lo.

"...I enjoyed Alan's straightforward approach!" - A.G.

"..watching live prices and charts was very good - Alan knows his stuff!"  " I think a one-to-one with Alan is a must!"- S.H.

"...I enjoyed learning about the NASDAQ and seeing it in action!" - A.G.W.

"..very good for active traders" "...I can apply this to the London Markets as well!" - J.W.

"...all sections were useful and extremely practicable!" - J.W.

"Most enjoyed..the clarity of the message!" T.L.

"...I can now trade the US markets for the first time!" - T.L.

"..I found understanding how the markets are moved & who by most useful!" - D.L.

"..I especially the section on NASDAQ charts and will apply it!" - R.A.

"...I enjoyed all of it, from beginning to end!" - I.P.

"excellent, pitched at all levels!" - I.P.

"..I most enjoyed the live trading!" - G.G.

"..I can now use what happens on the NASDAQ to trade the UK markets!" - D.B.


You can now watch the original presentation with live video and an exclusive interview with Alan Rich on CD


This 4 part CD set gives you the most comprehensive training course on making a living trading the NASDAQ!


Plus Bonus Interview


Alan Rich agreed to an exclusive interview and he discusses why you should trade Nasdaq stocks, how to get started and why he uses the power of charting with the inside information that only the level 2 screen can reveal.



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And a bonus presentation!


The Psychological Edge - Alan recognises the importance of the correct mind set in order to be a successful trader. He had a life changing experience some years ago that taught him the importance of keeping a balance in life with  focussed concentration in order to trade consistently well. In this bonus CD Alan teaches you how you can remain focussed and at peak trading performance whenever you trade.



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