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Have Bonds and Equities Turned and what is Happening with Gold?




In the seventies Gold burst into life as the gold standard was given up and dollar devaluation led to massive inflation. From $35 an ounce, when the dollar was on the 'Gold Standard', it hit a high of over $800 by 1981.


Some commentators think it might happen again but do Gold, Equities, Bonds, Commodities and Currencies move independently of each other?


In this downloadable seminar, Part One, you will hear about the relationship that binds together -


Bonds - Equities - Commodities - Oil - Gold - Currencies


Markets never move in perfect harmony but anyone who has looked at the historical behaviour of the markets will be aware of relationships between Equities and Bonds for instance.


When bonds rise as interest rates fall, then it is highly likely that equities will also rise as the low interest rate environment is usually positive for companies earnings.


However, this is just a small part of the story. By examining the movements of the five asset classes it is possible to start predicting what is likely to happen next in one or other of them.


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The "Swing Trader" presentation

(condensed version)

by Marc Rivalland

Marc Rivalland is a practicing Barrister, writes weekly as "The Trader" for the Investors Chronicle and is a frequent trader.

From many years trading as a professional on LIFFE and, in recent years  for his own account, Marc has perfected his swing trading technique, presented in condensed form in this short FREE download.

You can also learn more in his book, "Marc Rivalland on Swing Trading" - that includes over 100 colour charts. Marc also uses Point & Figure charts that you will find fully explained, together with integrating Swing Charts with Point & Figure. When you order his book, you will also get the full version of this video presentation and interview on CD (only from Clickevents)

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Also you can download the Alan Rich presentation "How the US affects UK Markets"

Alan Rich is a full time Daytrader, who makes his living taking frequent profits from the NASDAQ stock market.


Trading in Options

Strictly limited risk, massive profit potential, sell options against your shares for instant income - options have all the advantages you can think of.

In this free download part one, Chris Davy fully explains how options can work for you.

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Plus Aboudy Nasser - Technical Trading

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