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We produce a range of CD’s covering trading topics, most are exclusive to Clickevents – Many have been recorded at our seminars and include interviews with traders and presentation of profitable trading strategies.

The Breakfast Trader

Forex Trading in less than 2 Hours a DAY!

The Breakfast Trader comes to you on two packed discs in nine clear sections with nothing left out.


The Harmonic Wave Trader

"Now is the time to use the power of Harmonic Wave Trading...!"

Let me show you the trading technique that gives precise entry and exit points for ALL your trades and you can test it risk free


Mr Charts - Learn from Mr Charts how he trades the NASDAQ - FREE for Traders Class members

UK Level II downloadable seminar - FREE for Traders Class members - This seminar reveals how level 2 pricing works in practice enabling you to get right on the market action. See how the bid and offer pricing is about to move the market before you see the move on a chart.

Fixed Odds Betting

Click this link for the latest CD series featuring Matt Shaw, John Piper and City Beaters...

US Trader Talk - Immediate access MP3's with, Larry Pesavento, Toni Hansen, Robert Miner, Carolyn Boroden, Vadym Graifer - FREE for Traders Class members

Candle Charting - An Introduction - is only and exclusively available to Traders Class members. The two part CD set features professional trader Dane Halling who fully explains candle charting set ups that he uses as a full time trader.- FREE for Traders Class members

FOREX Traders Strategies - Three full time Forex traders share with you exactly how they trade every day. Includes Plus Phil Newton, Mark Proudfoot and Nastalie Bryant sharing the secrets of their success with you.

Inter-Market Analysis - Gerald Ashley has studied long term capital flows for many years and presents here how the relationships between the various asset classes affect each other. If you want to know which markets are likely to move next, this is the CD for you! - FREE for Traders Class members

Interviews with Traders Vol. One - In this compilation CD you will hear the stories of six serious traders. Since we produced this CD, Rahim Sajan who is featured, has become possibly the most frequent UK trader in the US markets - a typical day is 326 trades! How they got started, what they do now and insights into their trading style and processes will help you in your journey towards serious trading. - FREE for Traders Class members

Interviews with Traders Vol. Two - This second volume includes a further six interviews including, Nick Sparkes, possibly THE most active CFD trader in the UK plus Iain Rogers, Heath Dacre, Nigel Hawkes and Alan Rich - FREE for Traders Class members

Inter-Market Analysis - This three part presentation and conversation explores the relationship between Equities, Bonds, Commodities, Gold, Oil and currencies for longer term investment. - FREE for Traders Class members

Market Morphology and Risk Reduction - Clive Corcoran advices hedge funds and he demonstrates how he makes his stock trading selections and reduces market risk producing consistent profits from his portfolio.

Microtrader IV This original CD taken at a live event has several different traders presenting. Alan Rich on the NASDAQ, Mike Diplock on ‘Trading as a business’ and  Chris Pay talking about his trading are featured. - FREE for Traders Class members

Profit from Market Psychology Gerald Ashley has been in foreign exchange for many years. He has studied technical analysis, macro economics and fundamentals. However, he maintains that despite all this psychology moves markets and is too important to ignore. - FREE for Traders Class members

Traders Class - Every month members get our latest "Seminar on CD" Featuring a specific trader or topic you quickly build a comprehensive CD library that you can refer to again and again. New members receive our comprehensive "stock Market Secrets CD together with the Global Investor book "500 of the most witty...things ever said about money"

Trading the NASDAQ This CD features Alan Rich teaching how he trades the US NASDAQ stock market. Provides an introduction to the tricks and turns market makers use and introduces level two trading on the NASDAQ. Alan explains how you can get inside the bid/ask spread level 2 works.      

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