Forex Fundamentals

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the Forex Market

The Forex Market is not just like any other market, it's no easier or more difficult to make money trading currencies than Stocks, Futures or Commodities, but read on!

That said, the Forex market is the largest and most liquid market in the world. Trading on fundamentals works more often than it does in the stock market and technical chart trading leads way in front of any other market I've traded.

My latest E-book Forex Trading for You shows how you can apply a simple trend trading technique with the most important fundamental factor that drives the big trends. I trade the Forex market most days and these techniques are not 'Rocket Science'.

Twenty Four hour trading, short, long and medium term trends, an excellent charting market, tradable fundamentals, more currency pairs than you will ever need, low, low margins, minimal buy-sell spreads - these are just some of the reasons you should be trading currencies.

Forex Trading for beginners can be daunting, but don't be put off. You can get started now with these easy to learn methods including long term strategies and techniques for day trading.

Content Includes

  • How the Forex Market works

  • The Economic Fundamentals that drive this market

  • News Announcements that must not be ignored

  • The Pairs to Trade and the ones to avoid

  • Long Term Strategy that makes money in two ways

  • Charts, trends and the ATR

  • Forex terminology, order types and definitions

  • An easy to spot day and short term trading technique

  • Trading Rules, Emotions and your Subconcious

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