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FOREX Traders Strategies

Featuring three UK based full time traders,

Phil Newton, Mark (Buk) Proudfoot and Natalie Bryant


This three CD series has a total running time of over four and a half hours, includes detailed interviews with three full time professional traders who trade their own money day in day out.

Phil Newton has traded Forex for some years and has developed his own unique strategies that he shares freely on this CD. Nothing is held back Phil also includes the chart patterns that he trades day in day out -  in two parts total running time 82 minutes.

Mark Proudfoot Mark is well known as 'Buk' on internet forums and has traded from home for over eight years. Trading is his sole source of income and he treats trading very much as a business. Mark tells us exactly how he trades including chart patterns and his trading plan. Divided into four sections with a total running time of 92 minutes

Natalie Bryant is the third trader in this series. Natalie has worked for several financial institutions and the former LIFFE floor and has seen how the business works from both sides. Natalie shares the insiders perspectives that she now blends with her own unique style of trading. In four sections, total running time of 112 minutes.

Includes: Stops and the Pros, Charts, Brokers, Indicators, Taking Profits, Position Trading vs Scalping, Fundamentals, Tips, Adaptability, Money Management, Optimum Entries, Selecting Pairs, Taking Profits, Waiting, Trading Plans, Chart Pattern Set ups - just to mention a few of the topics covered.

FOREX Trading Strategies


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